I started my first semester at AMFI with inspiration book. The assignment was divided in two phases. First was the research phase of finding inspiration in the field of (fashion) design, (fashion) art and industry (fashion). The research included a variety of images, texts and tangible material. The second and final phase was executing the end product. By using professional academic English writing and decision-making, I had to determine the product and my vision. This project was the least scheduled and most freedom of all three and. This had an obvious reason; you had to learn your own vision, taste and find your own inspiration. There is no right or wrong in this. It was about substantiate your view on inspiration. I learnt that inspiration could be anything or anywhere. It wasn’t by looking towards fashion but it was found in architecture, were I saw patterns and structures. It was found in photography, where I saw emotions and colours. It was everything but on the right moment. I learnt that inspiration is not only like the moment you fall in love, because it is also something you can search for.