My second project was stylebook. In the first week we had to draw a lottery, I got Leonardo da Vinci. We had to do an in-depth research in order to get to the bottom of this style. I had to find out what was happening in culture and society at that time. What characterised the Zeitgeist, the spirit of that time and expressions such as fashion, architecture, art, science etc. After doing enough research the goal was to translate the essence of this style to today and to put it into today’s fashion context. In doing so you must also remember to take account of your fictional client’s desires. The style’s contemporary expression should be a good fit not just with today, but also with your client’s ‘own style’. During this project I had more moments that I lost perspective because I was thinking the entire time that I had to fill in the entire book (around 400 pages), which wasn’t true after all. I found it really interesting to learn about Indesign and Photoshop and do thorough research into a subject where I didn’t know so much about.